Profitable Example: A5T — Taker-Driven Mining

A5T is the native exchange token of Alpha5 exchange. The mechanics are simple: everytime you trade as a Taker on Alpha5, you will get part of the daily distributions of “locked” A5T. This comes to you free and is only available directly on Alpha5.

In order to unlock your A5T, you will need to continue to trade by Taker activity.

Token holders can expect monthly buybacks & burns, insurance fund tracking, and the opportunity to have access to the Alpha5 Fee Structure. Sounds like a hidden gem, doesn’t it? — Let’s take a closer look at how to earn A5T!

Assuming you’ve paid fees (Taker on a previous day): you have “locked” A5T

Assuming standard Taker fees: 0.00045

<Buy 1XBTUSD (Perp)> $60,000 * 0.00045 = $27 fees paid

<Sell 1XBTUSD (Perp)> $60,060 * 0.00045 = $27 fees paid

$60 Profit in Trade (before fees) = $60,060 — $60,000

-$54 fees paid = $27 + $27

After fees, we have $6 net Profit in Trade. Thus already profitable trade “as is’’ before A5T.

$120,060 taker volume = +24 A5T (unlocked to your Alpha5 account)

$5000 taker volume (“unlocks” one A5T)

The purpose of the above exercise is to highlight the power of Taker-Driven Mining on Alpha5. Taker-Driven Mining is a win-win way for a young exchange to build traction with new users (with focus of directing incentives / rewards to users for activity).

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