To balance A5T emissions potentially concluding earlier, we’re implementing the following:

For the next 2.5 months (May, June, July), beginning May 17th:

In each calendar month, if you trade more than $2m a day, for each day, you will pay ZERO fees on any volume above $2m. However, this MUST continue for all days in the calendar month. If on 29 out of 30 days, you trade >$2m, but on the 30th you do not trade, you will not receive this benefit.

To ensure proper function, fees will be credited on a retroactive basis at the end of the month

Do not forget about the currently ongoing Trade-Mining and get rewarded with A5T for your Taker activity on Being a Taker, you are eligible to get “locked” A5T tokens (pro-rata to how much Taker fees you paid in a given day). Month 3 is now LIVE. The opportunity is there to be seized. 80,221 A5T/day -> quite a big pot of A5T every day. Check the article on how to mine A5T!

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