Driving Scarcity: more than 30% of the A5T Supply can now be BURNED!

The interests of the Alpha5 team have always been to be transparent with the members of our ecosystem. A5T has a BIG change coming up that will make scarcity reflexive. Let’s check this out!

Starting with the next monthly burn, the following will be observed.

- The standard burn of 20% of the revenue of Alpha5 will continue as stipulated in the whitepaper

- An additional burn will accrue equal to 5M A5T (10%) from the emission curve, working backward, if Alpha5 does not achieve certain trading volumes. They are:

May 2021: One day of total volume >50m USD

June 2021: One day of total volume >75m USD

July 2021: One day of total volume >100m USD

*as observed by Alpha5 dashboard data available in the public domain brought to you by our trusted partner skew

For instance, in the month of May, 2021, if Alpha5 does not achieve a single day in which 50m USD has traded, 5M A5T will be burned alongside the monthly burn of May, 2021.

In this manner, should volumes not materialize as per schedule, 15m A5T will be burned, representing 10% of the initial supply each month, for up to 3 months.

Emissions therefore could end in Aug, 2021, with no new A5T to come to market.

We want to encourage participation, and we realize there are 2 camps. Traders and long-term A5T holders. Traders will love to accrue A5T ad infinitum, as they see it as transactional, but this doesn’t help long-term holders, who are fans of scarcity. Because both have diametrically opposite interests, we have pinned the outcome on the market. If volumes hit, emissions stand. If they don’t, scarcity amplifies very quickly.

We have set a high bar for volumes given the historical trends on Alpha5.

The community has been asking for a drastic change, and by offering to burn more than 30% of the existing supply, this would be our strongest commitment yet.

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