Alpha5 is now LIVE: Trade New Bitcoin Derivatives Like a Pro!

We worked hard behind the scenes and we’re pleased to inform everyone about our launch. Now with a single collateral asset (USDT), you can create a basket of exposures across different maturities in different instruments through cross-margined exposure. We love simplicity!

Why trade with us?

The team behind is focused on increasing liquidity and making the process of derivatives trading as friendly and intuitive as possible. All products and features are designed to build a sustainable derivatives ecosystem.

Futures Swaps

One of the key features that makes Alpha5 a game changer is Futures Swaps (aka Spreads). Trading Futures Swaps allows traders to buy one leg and sell another, in a single-click, without any risks on any single leg. This is enabled up and down the entire futures curve. It tremendously reduces execution risks, provides for easy “rolling” of futures, and leads to reduced transaction costs and increased liquidity to futures markets, including interest driven to the basis markets.

Implied Orderbooks

Futures spreads above can’t simply be acting as standalone products. Instead, they need to be able to “harvest” liquidity from other the futures’ orderbooks and be able to “imply ‘’ their liquidity to futures as well. It is this implied orderbook technology that makes it possible for traders to liquidity mine and unlocks trade ideas and opportunities otherwise hidden in plain sight.

Our passionate team is always ready to answer your questions and to get traders’ feedback in terms of in the Telegram Community group mentioned below.

Looking forward to a great journey ahead!

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