A5T Token on Uniswap

$A5T token is the heart and the core of the ecosystem behind alpha5.io. The previous Balancer pool has migrated, so currently A5T is available on-chain via Uniswap exchange. This is a very convenient procedure without deposits, bids / asks, and order management. Just a few clicks and your Ethereum wallet is credited with an A5T asset. So how to get the token? Let’s figure this process out step by step together!

1. The first step is accessing USDC/A5T pool on Uniswap UI: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x7d34F36bdD18e67783Df5d4Df9092c83614f9033

Don’t forget to get acquainted with the Token Safety Alert. Please bear in mind that the above-mentioned URL is the only valid way in order to access the pool. You can also check the pair contract via Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x7d34f36bdd18e67783df5d4df9092c83614f9033#tokentxns

2. In order to proceed with the swap procedure, you need to press the “Trade” button. You will be redirected to the swap interface after that.

3. When you are redirected to the Uniswap page, be sure to connect one of the below-mentioned wallets in order to proceed with your trade. The following guide is based on interactions via the wallet connected through MetaMask.

4. You’re about to fill in all the data needed in order to proceed with your trade.

I — The first field allows you to enter the quantity of your Ethereum-based cryptoassets in order to exchange them to A5T token. You can choose either a direct way (USDC/A5T) or another token, e.g. ETH. But take into account that due to the chain WETH > USDC > A5T the fee is higher. Uniswap will check the routing through the tokens selected by you in order to provide you with the best price for your trade.

II — Shows an estimated quantity of A5T tokens to be credited into your Ethereum wallet, e.g. on screenshot a buyer will receive at least 7.90456 A5T or the transaction will revert.

III — You can check more information about your trade by using the “?” icons aka tooltips.

5. In the appeared pop-up window you need to confirm your outgoing transfer by pressing on the “Confirm” button as mentioned on the screenshot.

6. You’re almost there, your transaction is on the way and you will be a happy A5T holder within a few minutes! ;)

That’s how easy it is! In case you face any problems by going through these stages, you can always ask for assistance by contacting our passionate Customer Service on Telegram: https://t.me/Alpha5_en

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