A5T May Burn Completed

As noted in the A5T whitepaper, by mandate we are committed to buying and burning A5T.

Alpha5 uses 20% of its monthly fee revenue at the end of each month to buy and burn A5T.

All 276,381 A5T were bought on the open market at an average rate of 0.1976USDT

All 276,381 A5T purchased have been burned.

Through 7 monthly buy+burns dating back from November 2020, the current cumulative quantity of burned A5T stands now at 1,003,635 A5T.

Meanwhile, a total of 171,792.52 USDT has been placed into the Alpha5 Insurance Fund.

The first phase of destruction: 98,958 A5T

The second phase of destruction: 123,760 A5T

The third phase of destruction: 197,766 A5T

The fourth phase of destruction: 74,195 A5T

The fifth phase of destruction: 103,087 A5T

The sixth phase of destruction: 129,488 A5T

The seventh phase of destruction: 276,381

Cumulative destroyed quantity: 1,003,635 A5T

Deposit after the 1st burn: 27,494.52 USDT

Deposit after the 2nd burn: 37,128 USDT

Deposit after the 3rd burn: 59,329 USDT

Deposit after the 4th burn: 22,258.5 USDT

Deposit after the 5th burn: 25,583.1 USDT

Total TetherUS balance credited: 171,792.52 USDT

*Deposit into the Insurance Fund originates in the event where Alpha5 burns A5T from the emission curve (instead of conducting a buy & burn from the open market) and places the proceeds into the Insurance Fund.

For more detailed information regarding A5T, please refer to the A5T Transparency Page (with all the buy+burn details).

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