A5T listing on 3 exchanges!

Dear Alpha5 Users,

We are pleased to announce that A5T is due to have a simultaneous listing on various venues:

  1. gate.io — The exchange is operated by Gate Technology Inc and is dedicated to security and experience, offering its users not only a secure, simple and fair Bitcoin exchange but also promising to safeguard your asset and trading information.
  2. MXC.com — Established in April 2018, MXC Exchange is one of the world’s leading digital-asset trading platforms. The core members of the team come from world-class enterprises and financial companies, who have rich experience in blockchain and financial industries. MXC will look to establishing their own native market and community for A5T.
  3. Hoo.com — Founded in 2017 as a cryptocurrency wallet, Hoo quickly grew into a well-reputed wallet in the field in just two years. Now, this is one of the world’s leading blockchain assets service platforms, aiming to provide safe and reliable assets management and blockchain services to users worldwide.

The A5T ecosystem is growing, and this is just the beginning. We are infinitely grateful for your support!

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